Arno Carstens’ gorgeous son

By admin
08 August 2012

Now here’s a sight you don’t see every day – supercool rocker Arno Carstens changing a baby’s nappy.

“Jirre, it’s smelly!” he says with a laugh, scrunching up his eyes and holding his nose with one hand and the offending nappy in the air with the other. Complaints aside, the sexy singer is clearly a dab hand when he’s on changing duty. Nappies, eating and sleeping is what their household revolves around now.

“It takes some adapting but he’s gorgeous,” Arno (40) says, gazing lovingly at his three-month-old son, Hayden.

He and his wife, Melanie (41), had almost given up hope of becoming parents. They tried for seven years to conceive and even went for fertility treatments but to no avail.

“At the beginning of last year we decided to call it quits and just have a jol. And after seven years of trying I fell pregnant last year without treatment,” says an elated Melanie, who’s also Arno’s manager.

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