Arno's on the move!

By admin
07 March 2011

Despite their busy schedule, Springbok Nude Girls are also working on a new CD, which they hope to release this year.

Arno said he was more nervous about finishing their album than touring the UK.   He is also hard at work on his solo career and plans to release a duets album.

“It will be a double CD. The one CD will be duets with other artists; there is a song with Ashtray Electric; and the other will be just me.”

Arno and his wife Melanie have put their plans to build a house in Betty’s Bay on hold as they have bought a house in Kalk Bay.

“We are renting out our house in Cape Town and are currently staying in our Kalk Bay home. It’s a weird place, Kalk Bay. You’re so close to the city, but it feels like a little town. There are so many artists and small restaurants there as well.”

The artist Beezy Bailey told Arno and Melanie of the house, which they then decided to buy.

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