Arrested man’s loved-up request: Please officer, may I propose to my girlfriend first?

By Robyn Lucas
16 July 2017

"I didn't want to part ways with her without showing exactly how I feel for her"

STRANGE thing, love. It makes you do things you’d never have imagined when you were a teenager dreaming of being swept off your feet. Like, for instance, saying ‘yes’ when your guy pops the question as cops nab him for a string of crimes.

But Leandria Keith of Oklahoma in the US started seeing everything through rose-coloured glasses after falling hook, line and sinker for Brandon Thompson. As far as she’s concerned, staying together through thick and thin is what it’s all about – even if you haven’t said “I do” at the altar yet.

Brandon was celebrating his 35th birthday with friends and family when the police arrived. Officer Bob Lynch had recognised him earlier as the guy they were looking for in connection with several outstanding warrants for his arrest and followed him home. Brandon was arrested in connection with six charges ranging from burglary to firearm possession and led out to the squad car.

But before he got in Brandon asked if he could propose to his girlfriend, who he’d been dating for more than a year.

"I didn't want to part ways with her without showing exactly how I feel for her," Brandon told CNN, "I want her to be my wife for the rest of my life."

The surprised officers discussed the unusual request amongst themselves and then agreed to let their prisoner pop the question. A cop’s body cam shows Brandon going down on one knee and telling an overcome Leandria how much he loves her.

She then leans down and kisses him on his forehead - and says ‘yes’.

“I knew I was going to say yes. Like, I love him a lot. We go through our ups and downs but I guess it's like, unconditional love, you know?” she says.

In another display of unconditional love, Leandria used the couple's savings to bail Brandon out jail. The wedding will follow once Brandon has sorted out his legal woes. Sounds like she’s a keeper, Brandon.


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