Attract butterflies and birds to your garden

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01 January 2014

Holiday activity of the day: Help the kids to build simple butterfly and bird feeders and attract these lovely creatures to your garden or balcony.

Holiday activity of the day: Help the kids build simple butterfly and bird feeders. ATTRACTING AND FEEDING BUTTERFLIES

Girl hanging butterfly feeder in a tree

Make a butterfly jar

Decorate a jar with bright flowers – the brighter the better – and add a small sponge that’s been dipped in sugar water to attract butterflies. You could leave overripe fruit on a plate for the butterflies (below).

You'll need

small jar with a screw-on lid

nail or other sharp pointed object

string about 1,3 m long (we used bright string to make the jar stand out)

needle and thread

variety of artificial flowers

standard-size kitchen sponge



small glass


kitchen hook

things needed to make butterfly jar

Here's how 1 Use the nail or sharp object to make a small hole in the lid. 2 Cut a piece of string about 30 cm. Tie it tightly around the neck of the jar. 3 Cut another piece of string about 55 cm. Tie it to the first piece of string, take it down the side of the jar, make a 15 cm loop at the bottom of the jar, and take the string up the opposite side of the jar and back to the first piece of string at the neck of the jar. 4 Cut a 37 cm piece of string and extend it (as in step 3 above) around the jar, without making a loop. 5 Decorate the jar with artificial flowers – push them under the string around the jar and sew them in place. TIP If the flowers are not attached properly, the wind might whip them away.

6 Cut a strip about 10 x 2 cm from the sponge.

7 Push one end of the sponge through the hole in the lid. Pull it through until 2-3 cm protrudes from the lid.

8 Make sugar water by mixing one part sugar to nine parts water with the teaspoon. Volume will depend on the jar size.

9 Pour the sugar water into the jar. Screw on the lid.

10 Turn the jar upside down so the sponge is at the bottom.

11 The sponge should stay damp with sugar water.

12 Attach the loop to a kitchen hook and hang your butterfly jar from a branch.

Snacks for butterflies Vruit on tree stump Place overripe fruit on a piece of wood or a tree stump. Decorate the wood with bright paper butterflies by folding colour paper double and cutting butterfly shapes. Push two pieces of florist’s wire through the length of the butterfly’s body to form feelers. Hammer a drawing pin into the wood and wrap the bottom point of the wire around the pin. Bend into shape for the feelers. ATTRACTING AND FEEDING BIRDS

There are all sorts of easy ways to make a bird feeder. You could spread peanut butter on both sides of a few slices of day-old bread. Dip the slices in seeds and hang from a tree or try the two methods below.

Feeding pumpkin

Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with seeds and other bird food. Place it in an area of your garden where it will look ­pretty and attract birds. If there are cats in your garden make sure they can’t reach the bird feeder or pumpkin.

Illustration: pumpkin containing bird feed

Feeding bowl

1 Make three holes an equal distance from each other near the rim of a plastic bowl.

Illustration bowl with three holes2 Lace string through the holes and tie together on the bottom side of the bowl.

Illustration bowl with string3 Tie the other ends of the strings together on the top side. Fill the bowl with seeds and hang it up by the string.

Illustration bowl hanging and filledBird pudding recipes

Your feathered friends will love these delicious treats.

1 Heat about 450 g cooking fat in a pan until it’s soft. Mix it with 1 cup hot water, 2 cups oatmeal, 1 cup flour and 4 cups bird seed and place in the bird feeder.

2Place 1-2 cups of cooking fat in a bowl with honey and strips of fried bacon rind. Place the bowl in hot water. Add dry breadcrumbs or bird seed when the fat starts to melt. Stir the mixture and shape into a ball. Put it in a container and leave to cool and harden. Place it in a piece of net material – the net material in which onions and potatoes are sold works well – and hang it up in your garden.

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