Austin Mahone chills out with Billboard magazine

By admin
10 September 2014

The 18-year-old heartthrob recently had a chilled acoustic session with Billboard magazine and spilled everything about life on the road and more!

Check it out:

On his typical day on tour: “My typical day when I wake up in the morning is I get up, usually around 12 or 1, eat breakfast, get ready for the day. Then I come to the venue, usually walk around, then I come to my room; I’ll sign about 300 posters to give to my fans, then I’ll come back and do a meet and greet.”

On how girls react to him: “I’ve had girls throw their phones at me on stage, their car keys at me; I’ve had girls hop in my car when I’m leaving a show. I’ve had girls try to kiss me in the meet and greet; it’s pretty funny.”

On making an impact and being ‘humbled’: “Music definitely creates an insane connection. I’ve heard people say I’ve saved their lives and that’s a pretty big thing to say. For me, I’m still trying to understand how I can save lives. I’m making such an impact on people and it makes me feel good and it definitely humbles me a lot.”


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