Australian tourist 'mauled' at the lion park

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30 March 2015

An Australian tourist was bitten by the king of the jungle in the Lion Park in Honeydew, Johannesburg, last week.

Brendan Smith, of Perth, had been in South Africa for only 36 hours when a lion bit him on the thigh. He’d rolled down his car window to take a photograph.

Despite a number of warnings not to open his car window or door, Brendan wanted to take a photo to show his friends back home. He was discharged from hospital on Saturday and has admitted his fault.


On his Facebook page it could – and should – have been much worse. He’s not sorry about his injury and writes that he’s now part of “the group of people who’ve been bitten by a lion”. He writes the scar doesn’t bother him because he knows “chicks dig scars”.

His Facebook page shows he’s not afraid of adventure – there are many photos of him free-falling, eating scorpions and jumping through burning hoops.

Brendan had been planning to go shark diving at Gansbaai, but it looks as if he’s put that on hold.

Sources: Facebook, Mail Online, Netwerk24

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