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31 July 2013

The following teaching posts are available

  • Florida Park High School (Roodepoort) is looking for an Afrikaans FAL teacher for grade 8 and 9 to start in January 2014. Send your application and CV per fax to 011 672 7925 or e-mail to Jocelyn.keyter@gmail.com. This is a governing body position.

    Primary School Principal post available at Ed-U College High School.

    Must have 5years teaching experience.

    Managerial skills beneficial.

    Please e-mail complete CV to roxannes@e-square.co.za

    Jan van Riebeeck primary school (Cape Town) is looking for an enthusiastic grade 4 teacher from 1 January 2014 in a governing body position. Requirements: Experience and relevant qualification, CAPS training, above-average computer skills, mention extramural activities, proof of SACE membership. Apply to the principal, 52 Kloof Street, Cape Town, 8001. Tel. 02142342009, fax 021 4242375 or e-mail to jhoosthuizen@gmail.com. Closing date 29 November 2013.

  • Evander High School in Mpumalanga is looking for a teacher that can teach CAT and English. Contact Ansie at 0836059385 or 0176322314 for more details.
  • BuffelsrivierPrivate Primary School in Laingsburg has two available posts for 2014:

Post 1:

Teacher, grade R and grade 1

Send applications to: The Principal, P.O. Box 184, Laingsburg, 1900 or buffelsrivierskool@gmail.com

Closing date: 30 November 2013

Post 2:

Teacher’s assistant grade R and grade 1

Send applications to: The Principal, P.O. Box 184, Laingsburg, 1900 or buffelsrivierskool@gmail.com

Closing date: 30 November 2013

  • Covenant College, a high school in Rispark, Johannesburg, has two vacant posts: for a senior-phase English and social sciences teacher, and a senior-phase science educator. Send your CV to gene@covenantcollege.co.za by 20 November 2013.
  • Hoërskool Delportshoop (Northern Cape) has a vacant departmental post for an Afrikaans teacher for Grade 10-12 from 2014. Contact the headmaster at 053-561- 0149.
  • Mossie Primary School (Johannesburg) has a vacant post for a teacher to teach Afrikaans FAL to Grade 4-5 from 2014. Send your CV to themossie@mweb.co.za.

  • Cullinan Combined School outside Pretoria has a temporary position available for a qualified grade 1 teacher from 15 January to 28 March 2014. If you are interested or know of a suitable candidate, contact Klarissa Cronjé at 012 734 1019.
  • Toktokkie Pre-primary School in Durban North is looking for a qualified BPrimEd teacher for an Afrikaans Grade R class for January 2014. Send your application to Susie@toktokkiejungle.co.za or call 031-564-5256 for more information. The closing date for applications is 8 November.
  • Rob Ferreira High School in White River, Mpumalanga, has a vacancy for 2014. The requirements are:

  1. Accountancy, Grade 10–12
  2. EMS, Grade 8-9
  3. Extramural activities: experience in sport coaching is recommended.
  4. Complete teaching qualifications (diploma/degree) and registered with the South African Council for Educators (SACE).

Send a comprehensive CV, marked for the attention of The Principal, to:

E-mail: robfhs@mweb.co.za

Fax: 013-751- 3388

Phone: 013-751-2281

Closing date: 23 October

  • Lochnerhof Primary in Strand, Western Cape, has a vacancy for a Grade R and Grade RR teacher from January 2014.

  1. Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) training and experience in foundation phase are necessary.
  2. Must be prepared to get involved in extramural activities.

Send your application to:

PO Box 124



or e-mail mhuman@lochnerhof.co.za.

Closing date: 25 October.

  • Alexander Sinton High School in Cape Town is looking for a Western Cape Education Department (WCED) teacher on FET level to teach Afrikaans First Additional Language (FAL). E-mail your CV to sintonhead@mweb.co.za or fax 021-696-1756.
  • Montana High School in Worcester, Western Cape, has a permanent position on the governing body from 1 January for a history teacher. Please include any involvement in extramural activities in your application and send a concise CV to hsmontana@mweb.co.za. For enquiries call the principal on 023-347-0476.

Closing date: 23 October at 4 pm.

  • Randeor School in Mondeor, Johannesburg, has two vacancies for the beginning of the fourth term this year. Call the headmaster on 011-680-1446/7 for more details.
  • Experi-Buddies is an educational, scientific extramural programme for children in the foundation phase and it’s looking for people with a background in education who want to work for themselves. For more information go to experi.co.za or e-mail lindi@experi.co.za.
  • Hoërskool Koffiefontein in the Free State has a vacancy for a dynamic headmaster with an enterprising spirit to start on 1 January 2014. The closing date for applications is 5 September.

    Address applications to: The Director

    Xhariep District Offices

    Private Bag X20513



  • Namakwaland High School in Springbok (Northern Cape) urgently needs a teacher for English First Additional Language from Grades 8 to 12. This is a temporary position until 31 December 2013. The position will be advertised for 2014. Apply by sending a CV with certified copies of your qualifications, membership of SACE and ID for the attention of the principal to 027-712-1159 (fax) or e-mail hsn@telkomsa.net.For queries call 082-802-2349 or the school on 027-712-1117.

at Rob Ferreira High School in White River, Mpumalanga:

  • Mechanical technology/technology: Grades 8-12 (1 October 2013).
  • Design/art and culture: Grades 8-12 (1 October 2013).
  • Life sciences: Grades 8-12 (1 October 2013).
  • English FAL/home language: Grades 10-12 (January 2014).
  • Afrikaans home language/EAT: Grades 10-12 (January 2014).
  • RTT: Grades 10-12 (January 2014).
  • Physical science: Grades 8-12 (January 2014).

Extramural activities: Sport coaching is recommended.


  • Completed teaching qualifications (diploma/degree)
  • SACE-registered

Send a comprehensive CV for the attention of the head to:

E-mail: robfhs@mweb.co.za

Fax: 013-751-3388

Tel: 013-751-2281

Closing date: 2 August 2013

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