Avocado and bacon salad

By admin
21 October 2010

The blue cheese dressing complements the avocado and bacon perfectly.


80 g blue cheese, crumbled

50 ml crème fraîche or sour cream

15 ml lemon juice

15 ml olive oil

salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


4 eggs

250 g streaky bacon

1 red pepper, cut into strips

1 red onion, halved and sliced

2 avocados, peeled and sliced

100 g mizuna leaves (or rocket or English spinach)


Whisk together all the ingredients for the dressing, cover and set aside.


Bring water to the boil in a saucepan, carefully add the eggs and boil for 10 minutes.

Remove from the pan and crack the shells immediately to prevent the yolks from forming a blue ring.

Heat a dry pan over medium heat and fry the bacon until crisp and brown.

Drain the bacon on paper towels and break into pieces.

Fry the red pepper strips in the same pan until just warmed through.

Shell the eggs and cut them into wedges.

Mix the eggs, bacon, red pepper, onion, avocado and mizuna (or rocket or spinach) leaves and serve immediately with the blue cheese dressing

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