Avril's back with Hello Kitty

By admin
04 May 2014

Our favourite skater girl is back with a new track , this time one featuring too much pink and an ensemble of Japanese dancers.

She's had a very mixed musical past, starting with songs filled with teen angst and progressing to luke warm punk rock. Now Avril Lavigne is back with a Japanese-influenced, pop substep song titled Hello Kitty.

It's catchy, sure but do the lyrics mean she's longing for a high school experience again?

Mom's not home tonight

So we can roll around, have a pillow fight

Like a major rager OMFG

Let's all slumber party

Like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties

Someone chuck a cupcake at me

It's time for spin the bottle

Not gonna talk about it tomorrow

Keep it just between you and me

Let's play truth or dare now

We can roll around in our underwear how

Every silly kitty should be

Check it out:

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