Aww, man! It's not yet winter but we're seeing snow already!

By admin
04 April 2014

You know how we love to talk about the weather! Well, this isn't good (unless you love the cold!). Snow has been spotted even though we haven't yet hit winter.

We've only just passed April Fools' Day and all of those very believable pranks but this one is real.

Although we have only just gotten into the swing of autumn, there's snow on the mountains in the Western Cape, on the Matroosberg near Ceres.

The snow fell late on Tuesday night and in to the early hours of Wednesday morning, covering the mountain in a glorious snowy cap.

Staff at the Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve reported temperatures of 3°C and said that the snow arrived four days earlier than the previous record.

Guess we're going to have to haul out extra thermal undies this year.

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