Awww, Peter Pan proposes to Wendy and she says yes!

By admin
27 January 2014

We love a good fairytale and this one is no exception. Peter Pan and Wendy have become engaged in real life.

During a production of Peter Pan in Glasgow, Scotland, Peter Pan asked Wendy to marry him.

Sandor Sturbl, who was playing Peter Pan in the production in the Hydro, in Glasgow, dramatically stopped the music at the end of a show and declared his everlasting love for Lilly-Jane Young, who was playing Wendy.

Lilly-Jane (22) was initially worried because she thought there was a technical problem but then she realised what was up and burst into tears. Sandor had previously arranged with the stage production team to interrupt the show to enable him to pop the question.

An overjoyed “Wendy” said yes. All together now: awwwwww!

Watch the proposal here.

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