Axe murders: rumours investigation will be thrown out

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27 July 2015

It’s exactly six months today since Martin (54), Teresa (55) and their son Rudi (22) van Breda died in an axe attack at their home in the luxury De Zalze estate outside Stellenbosch.

No suspects have been identified or arrested since the shock incident.

Marli (16) and her brother Henri (20) are the only members of the family who survived the brutal assault on 27 January.

Marli sustained serious head injuries and suffers from retrograde amnesia, which means she can’t recall anything about the incident.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is studying the murder dossier for a second time.

Rapport reported yesterday that the investigation might be called off because senior Western Cape detectives believe there isn’t sufficient evidence to successfully prosecute anyone for the murders.

According to Netwerk24, Rapport reported the matter has been referred for a judicial investigation, in which a magistrate assesses the case and decides if anyone can be prosecuted for a crime.

The magistrate can call any person or persons they regard as suspects as witnesses or find there are sufficient reasons for prosecuting.

But according to EWN police has denied the investigation is to be called off.

Sources: Netwerk24, EWN

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