Baby dies horrifically after being force-fed water by parents

By Kim Abrahams
09 June 2017

Ah’Kiell was so cold paramedics couldn’t record a temperature for him.

A couple is standing trial for the suspicious death of their three-month-old baby after water was forced on him in an effort to cure his constipation.

Mom Hannah Henry (21) made a desperate call to emergency services on 30 July 2016, explaining her son had stopped breathing. Alistair Walker (27), little Ah’Kiell Walker’s father, could be heard screaming in the background “come now, come now” while the baby is said to have bled from the nose and mouth.

Within two minutes, Gary Mills, a rapid response medic, arrived at the couple’s flat in Gloucester, south-west England.

He discovered Ah’Kiell naked, soaking wet and icy cold. Minutes later, paramedics arrived on the scene and had to turn him upside down in order to drain the water from his body, the Bristol Crown Court heard.

The tiny tot was rushed to Bristol Children's Hospital, where it was found he’d suffered a horrific injury to the brain, a fractured shoulder and bleeding to the optic nerves, allegedly caused by vigorous shaking of his body.

The baby died the next day.

Henry and Walker deny manslaughter, causing or allowing the death of a child and cruelty to a person under 16.

According to reports, they were sobbing as details of their child’s harrowing death were relayed in court.

The prosecution found the couple’s stories so inconsistent they were accused of lying.

“Paramedics found the baby unresponsive, bleeding from the mouth and nose and cold to touch,” prosecutor Rosaleen Collins said.

“He was nearly freezing and his hair and body were soaking wet. Water was in his eyes, mouth, stomach and lungs.”

According to paramedics, Ah’Kiell was so cold they couldn’t record a temperature for him.

“The inevitable conclusion is that they acted together, and were jointly responsible for Ah’Kiell’s death,” Collins added.


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