Baby grows five-inch tail

By admin
30 April 2014

A five-month old baby, who was born with spina bifida, has grown a five-inch long tail.

A baby has grown a five-inch tail.

Five-month-old Nuo Nuo was born with spina bifida - which is a congenital disorder which leaves a gap in the spine - and began growing a tail just days later.

Nuo Nuo's mother has begged surgeons in Changsha, in southern China to find a way to remove the unwanted growth - which is now over 12 centimetres long - but they so claim there's nothing they can do.

The tail is said to be connected to the child's nervous system and removing it could leave permanent damage.

Although one out of every thousand children is born with spina bifida, developing a growth as large as five inches is reportedly extremely rare.

- Bang Showbiz

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