Baby joy for Kristin Davis

By admin
11 November 2011

Mix the celebratory cosmopolitans, girls, then start hunting down the baby Prada outfits pronto – there’s a new sister in the styling hood! 

Sex and the City star Kristin Davis (46) has adopted a baby girl, Gemma Rose, and her arrival in the actress’ Los Angeles home sounds like something straight out of the world-famous TV series.

In the show and films Kristin’s character, Charlotte, adopts a baby, Lily, from China after battling for a long time to fall pregnant.

Charlotte and husband Harry (Evan Handler) then have a “miracle” daughter of their own, little Rose – although Kristin says this didn’t influence her decision to choose Rose as her baby’s second name.

“I had a list of names that I liked for her first and middle name but I wanted to spend time with her before I chose them,” she explains.

“I’ve always loved Gemma as a name and Rose is a beautiful first or middle name. My daughter is so beautiful she’s a gem and a rose!”

Read more in Nicola Whitfield’s article in YOU 17 November 2011.

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