‘Baby money’, hairdressers and beer-on-tap: these companies have insane employee perks

By Litaletu Zidepa
12 February 2016

Time to switch jobs?

When you can get your laundry done, go to the doctor any time and eat all day for free, why would you even need to leave the office?

Big companies are fishing new talent by raising the bar with their employee perks.

Some telecommunication and tech giants have some pretty incredible benefits on offer, from free breakfast, ‘baby money’, and and counselling sessions.

A list released by employer review and job search site Glassdoor suggested companies like Google, Netflix and Facebook have the best employee perks.

“With nearly 3 in 5 people reporting benefits and perks being among their top considerations before accepting a job, some employers are raising the bar even higher when it comes to benefits and perks they offer to help attract talent,” said Glassdoor.

According to Money Magazine, “60% of job seekers prefer company benefits over a salary raise.”

So it’s not surprising these conglomerates are pulling out all the stops to make sure their employees have their every desire catered for.

Google gives employees access to on-site physicians and nurses, free travel insurance and assistance with studies.

It’s no secret Facebook is a great place to work – particularly so after they announced their $4 000 (about R63 108) “baby cash” stipend for new parents. And they certainly make sure their their techies are well-fed – there are two restaurants on their Menlo Park campus in Silicon Valley, California, which serve up delicious dishes day and night. For free!

Over and above all that? The global streaming service Netflix stunned the corporate world by announcing its one-year maternity AND paternity leave to new parents. Fully paid.

Naturally, we had to ask: what are the best employee perks for South African companies? While it’s not quite Silicon Valley level there are some serious cushy jobs in the country – if you know where to look. Here’s what we dug up.


MWEB centres on its employee skill and development growth. The staff members are treated with grand services including laundry collection, payment of traffic fines, online shopping collections and even someone to stand in queues for MWEB employees.

The company has its own ‘M-Cave’ gaming venue which includes several gaming stations, Playstation consoles, Xbox, and arcade games. Their lunch areas are equipped with pool tables, table tennis and chill-out spaces.


Though tech companies are generally taking the lead benefit-wise, working for Coca-Cola South Africa also has its perks. The local division of the conglomerate provides study assistance to its staff, four months paid maternity leave and a health club fund to keep them on the healthy side.

Staff members dealing with death in the family are given a R20 000 to help cover funeral costs.


The cellular company goes an extra mile to make sure their staff members are looked after. Of course, employees AND their significant others get subsidised cellphone contracts. They are treated to special services like Goodfellas driving services and Reebok products.

The giant company also has an on-site wellness centre which includes a GPs, dentist, personal trainers, masseuses, and beauticians.


South Africa’s largest internet and IT service providers serve their staff a healthy breakfast from their own cafeteria. The company also has its own on-site gym, laundry service and employees can expect a “beer on tap” every Fridays.


If a home cooked meal on Fridays doesn’t raise the bar, the internet service provider also offers driving lessons, access to the company’s doctor and a discount on swimming lessons from Cybersmart Aquatics.

Internet Solutions

A canteen allowance is just be the tip of the iceberg. To make sure their employees are looked after, Internet solutions has a wellness centre which includes a beautician, chiropractor and a nurse, not to mention a gym, hairdresser and an optician.


With offices overlooking Table Mountain, Webafrica staff enjoy daily breakfast and quarterly staff bonuses. Staff can also expect grand year end parties and birthday celebrations.

Does your company have awesome perks? We’d love to add them to our list! Email web@you.co.za

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