Baby’s better than a ring

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10 June 2011

Viewers got to know him as Dup, Isidingo’s tough-as-nails cop who would go to any lengths to crack a case. But in his new role as a father Brandon Auret is as gentle as a lamb.

“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this – a little gogga of my own,” the actor says, leaning over his three-month-old daughter and tickling her tummy.

Baby Talia’s button nose crinkles and she laughs as she gazes up at her dad from the changing mat in her nursery where she’s lying waiting for him to dress her for her first photoshoot.

“I think she looks like her mother – she definitely has her mom’s beautiful smile,” he says as he snaps the press studs on her playsuit together with well-rehearsed ease.

His hands engulf her tiny body as he picks her up to inspect his handiwork. “Like a pro, hey?” he says, his eyes sparkling with pride.

His partner, Kerry Stein (26), grins as she watches the father-daughter interaction.

Brandon became a household name when he starred in Isidingo but since leaving the soapie in 2003 he has shunned the limelight.

“I just didn’t understand the hype and the publicity. I wanted to act, not socialise and be popular, so I decided to stay out of the public eye.”

It wasn’t the happiest time. He and actress Lee Heckrath wed in 2004 but were divorced two years later.

Then he met Kerry. She admits she’d had a crush on Brandon since her teens. When she was in high school she watched him in Isidingo and stuck pictures of him all over her books.

So when she spotted him dancing barefoot at Cool Runnings in Fourways she wasn’t going to let her shy nature stand in her way.

“Have you lost your shoes, old man?” she asked him.

“That’s what she said to me,” Brandon recalls. “She was trying to pick me up and she calls me ‘old man’, how does that work?”

But she certainly caught his attention. He and Kerry have been together ever since. Asked if there’s a wedding on the cards the question triggers a well-rehearsed answer.

“I will marry her one day but that day isn’t now,” Brandon says. “Kerry wants a ring, I gave her a daughter. To me that’s a much bigger commitment than a piece of jewellery could ever be.”

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