Back in the soap bubble

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16 June 2011

There’s a quiet confidence about Vusi Kunene; an air of coolness. It’s because he’s shy, he says.

But shy isn’t what described Jack Mabaso, the villain he played for years in Generations, SA’s most popular soapie. And he played another baddie in the local film Paradise Stop.

Now he’s back on TV in the pivotal role of Jefferson Sibeko in Isidingo. He’s part of the powerful Sibeko family who run the multinational conglomerate Sibeko Gold and has been in his brother Lincoln’s shadow for too long.

Now it’s his turn to shine because he has to handle the family interests. He arrives on the Deep promising jobs that will turn the town around.

Jefferson is basically a good guy, Vusi (45) says.

‘‘He’s a likeable enough character but his challenges may change him. I think Jefferson and I are similar in some ways. He hides his feelings, stuff he thinks people shouldn’t see. When I play him he is me . . . In my interpretation of acting we all have different people inside us and need to call on those people to play characters.’’

Vusi is glad to be back in the soapie world. He didn’t hesitate to audition for the Isidingo role when his agent alerted him.

‘‘This came at the right time,’’ he says. ‘‘I was ready to return to soaps – I didn’t even need to think about it.’’

He has rekindled his friendship with actress Linda Sokhulu (who plays his niece), with whom he formed a friendship in Generations and he’s settling in well, he says.

‘‘I’m also shooting Jacob’s Cross on M-Net at the moment. It doesn’t interfere with my schedule here [at Isidingo]; somehow it all works out. Isidingo is my priority this year and Jacob’s Cross call me whenever I have scenes so I cope well.’’

Read the full interview in YOU, 23 June 2011.

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