Balancing dog

By admin
27 November 2013

From a laptop to board games and even a vase filled with water and flowers – it seems Scout the dog can balance almost anything on his head.

The adorable nine-year-old pit bull recently became an internet star after pictures of him balancing a wide array of bizarre and interesting items on his head was posted online.

His owner, Jen Gillen of Toronto, Canada, loaded pictures of Scout on her instagram account, as well as the aptly-named blog “Stuff on Scout’s head”.

“It started when a friend suggested that I put a roll of toilet paper on his head,” Gillen told “He instantly posed and balanced it so well that I decided to try my luck and try some other humorous items.

“I never predicted for it to take off like this,’’ she adds. “I started his Tumblr after doing a few because it was just a humorous compilation, and if anything, a great example of what a patient, obedient dog a pit bull can be.”

Scout also seems to have a lot of self-restraint. While most dogs would immediately gobble up tasty treats like bacon, pizza and donuts, the cute canine sits patiently, balancing the yummy foodstuff on his head. After each balancing-act, Scout is rewarded with natural treats like pig’s ears, bully sticks and raw diet treats, Gillen says. -Petro-Anne Vlok SOURCES:, stuffonscoutshead,

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