Ban Junior from the Dome!

By Kirstin Buick
05 August 2013

Scifi series Under the Dome has our TV blogger hooked but she is wondering who else is annoyed by the Junior and Angie storyline?

Am I the only one . . . who is totally hooked on hot new scifi series Under the Dome and doesn’t get the point of the Junior and Angie kidnapping storyline? But two episodes in and I sigh every time the story cuts from the fascination of this dome that has dropped over the town of Chester’s Mill to unstable college kid Junior, looking creepy, and wild child Angie, looking terrified, while he keeps her hostage in his father’s underground fallout shelter. Cut the two of them from the story and things improve and I don’t think anyone would notice, in fact, her brother Joe or anyone else has noticed that she has just disappeared! I really I want to cut a little hole in the dome wall and push the two of them out.

The makers of the series have said they will not be sticking too closely to the Stephen King book so the book people can still enjoy the show and it means no one really knows what the end game is with Junior and Angie. Are they just setting his crazy up for the future when he becomes yet another problem for the townsfolk?

I fear that Angie is going to be the Kim of 24 of this series. Remember her in season two where she was just pointlessly getting herself into stupidly dangerous situations (chased by a cougar and foot stuck in an animal snare) while her father Jack Bauer didn’t need the distraction as he tried to save the world?

Those who read the book would know that Angie actually dies just before the dome drops (I promise this not a spoiler for the TV show). This surprised actress Britt Robertson, who plays Angie, who decided to read the book for inspiration after getting the role. “I obviously knew that I was going to be in more than one scene. I started reading the book and then she’s locked up in this closet and dead and is joined by another dead person who is a regular on this show. I kept reading the book thinking that my character was going to miraculously come back to life, but she never did,” she told TV Guide.

And the actress also explains why her brother is not particularly concerned that she is missing. “She does see her brother before she gets trapped, so the audience is going to think, ‘Why isn’t her brother looking for her? He knows she’s in the dome along with everyone else.’ But it goes back to who she is. She’s a really independent free spirit. She has her own apartment and does whatever she wants to. There is the threat of maybe something happened to her, but there’s also the reasoning that’s just Angie. That’s terrifying for her as well because no one is really looking for her at all.” Ha! That does kind of make sense as the first episode does show her “free spiritedness”, and I know the town is supposed to be bigger than what it looks right now so Joe could think she is just about anywhere. And for those just as annoyed by this storyline, Britt did say the hostage situation lasts four episodes before things change. Good to know.

So now I can concentrate on sexy drifter Barbie (played by Mike Vogel who was the cop in Bates Motel) with his military skills and mysterious ways and the kids, Norrie and Joe, who fall down and have seizures while raving about “pink stars are falling”, now them, I want more of.

I was curious if the series would show any of the activity outside the dome but they won’t, as viewers we will be inside too, only knowing what the townsfolk know. “We made a conscious decision that, other than that final shot in the pilot where we pull down and pull back to see the dome in its glory, we’re not going to be leaving the dome. We’re going to be trapped inside with these characters. We’re not going to be flashing back to their childhood in Poughkeepsie or cutting to their girlfriend in New York; we’re really going to be trapped inside Chester's Mill,” executive producer Brian K Vaughan (who also worked on TV series Lost) told The Hollywood Reporter.

By the way, the series has been renewed for a second season and the makers have said that each episode represents roughly one day in their lives so the first season (13 episodes) is just two weeks. Actually I would lose my mind if trapped under a dome for two weeks . . .

-       Natalie Cavernelis

& Under the Dome is on M-Net on Tuesdays at 8.30 pm

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