Barbie's Ken is getting a whole new look

By Nadim Nyker
21 June 2017

About time!

Ken's had a makeover! Barbie's beau is not the beefy boy-next-door anymore.

Mattel, the company who has made the Barbie doll since 1961, is relaunching her male companion in all shapes and sizes in a bid to "moderninse Ken for the next step in brand revolution".

They toymaker took to Instagram on Tuesday, announcing that they're "uniting to act on diversity and inclusion".

Ken is no longer a one-size-fits-all kinda guy, with kids now able to chose from 15 different types of Kens of all creeds and colour, and three new body shapes -- "slim, broad or original".

PHOTO: Mattel PHOTO: Mattel

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This extends to the hair, eyes and skin colours of the dolls, with the rebooted series of dolls featuring styles like cornrows and a man bun.

Just last year, Mattel overhauled traditional Barbie's implausible proportions, revealing a new range of dolls with three different body shapes -- petite, tall and curvy. This also came with the introduction of seven different skin tones and 24 hairstyles.

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Sources: GQ, The Telegraph, BBC 

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