Barefoot & so blessed

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05 November 2010

On her wedding day she wanted to feel God’s presence in their lives more than ever – she wanted to experience her creator in the environment.

And when Donnalee Roberts walked barefoot down a sandy West Coast path to meet her groom her wish for her dream day came true.

A stormy West Coast wind began to blow on the beach at Yzerfontein as she and her dad,Llewellyn, walked to the pulpit where Gerber Strydom (24) waited for her with tears in his eyes but a radiant Donnalee (26) saw the positive side of it.

To the actress TV viewers know as shy Annelie in 7de Laan it felt as if “God had blessed us by blowing millions and millions of grains of sand over us”.

Their West Coast wedding was just as low-key and unpretentious as Gerber and Don, as he calls her.

Both love nature and had long dreamt of a beach wedding. And when Donnalee saw a picture of Yzerfontein on the internet she immediately fell in love with the place.

In two months Donnalee’s mom, Wilma, and eight staff members made everything – including painted wooden place mats with playful gypsum hearts, wire hearts with pearls, lace-covered wooden hearts, picture frames and painted table signs.

“My mom and my bridesmaids laid the tables and created this picture-perfect reception as if by magic,” Donna says. “I wanted the wedding to carry our stamp – and it did.”

Donnalee’s faith isn’t just a subject she likes talking about; she and Gerber live their faith every moment.

“The fruits of the Holy Spirit have always been important to me,” she says. “That’s why the tables didn’t have numbers but names. They’re the names of the fruits of the Spirit and other passions Gerber and I share.”

So it was fitting that the bridal couple sat at the table of love while the 140 guests, including other 7de Laan actors, were seated at the tables of peace, trust, prayer, hope, passion and so on.

With such a solid foundation you can’t help but think these two are building a marriage to last.

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