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13 January 2014

This British alt-rock band recently hit the scene with their huge hit, Pompeii. And they’ve just visited our shores!

- Bastille began in 2010 as a solo project by Dan Smith who later decided to form a band. It now consists of Dan (the lead singer/songwriter), Will Farquarson (bass), Chris Wood (drums) and Kyle Simmons (keyboard).

- The name derives from Bastille Day (The French National Holiday), which coincides with Dan’s birthday on 14 July.

- Their first album, Bad Blood, released earlier this year, debuted at No 1 in the UK.

- On handling their newfound success, Dan says, “We just pretend it didn’t happen, and occasionally we let ourselves enjoy it when there are nice milestones, like the album going platinum.” - Dan is inspired by history and film rather than love and heartbreak. Pompeii, for example, is about the fiery destruction of the ancient Roman city and the discovery of human remains at the archaeological site. Deep! - The band are obsessed with Mexican food, to the point, says Dan “where, when we’re on tour, as soon as we get to a new town, we generally seek out a burrito place straight away”.

Follow them on twitter: @BASTILLEdanSOURCES:;;;;; youtube; Faiza Mallick


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