BBC dad on 'the minor mistake that turned my family into YouTube stars'

By Kirstin Buick
16 March 2017

This dad is every working parent.

We've all seen the adorable video doing the rounds.

A serious expert interviewed in his equally serious study for a very serious Skype interview.

And all was going swimmingly. Until Prof Robert Kelly's kids decided to get in on the action.

His adorable daughter clearly had no interest in Daddy's thoughts on the South Korean president being forced out of office (even though BBC World News did), as she danced jauntily into the room.

Obviously mortified, Prof Kelly, who was speaking from his apartment in Busan, South Korea, valiantly tried to keep his game face on, continuing with his interview with his sassy daughter at his elbow.

And then, with perfect comic timing, Prof's youngest wheeled into the room on a walker. Still, Daddy persisted with his talk on how North Korea might react to the end of Park Geun-hye’s term.

Kelly's panicked wife Jung-a Kim then (literally) dived in, stammering an apology at the camera as she extracted her children from view.

Naturally, people couldn't get enough of the clip -- clearly Kelly's chaotic family life was far more appealing the the general public than his academic expertise.

Now, Kelly and his lovable brood have appeared on air again, to talk about the “minor mistake that turned my family into YouTube stars.”

“Everybody we know seems to think it’s pretty hysterical. We understand why people find it enjoyable ... It’s funny,” Kelly told James Menendez, the BBC presenter who conducted the original interview.

Jung-a Kim weighed in: “We laughed a lot, but still we were worried a little bit more.”

"We were worried actually that the BBC would never call us again," the associate professor of political science at Pusan National University clarified.

"That was our first response – mortification that we had completely blown our relationship with you."

Obviously not, prof -- how many experts have been invited back on air that quickly? With their entire family, no less?

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Sources: BBC, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal

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