Be patient and give of your time

By admin
28 November 2013

Zelda la Grange, who is blogging for YOU during the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign, believes making time for our kids will help us to raise children who have respect for themselves and one another.

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We’re so caught up in technology that we’ve forgotten what it takes to raise spiritually healthy children. Social pressures have doubled in the past few decades and we’re only too happy if the children keep busy on a computer, tablet or smart phone. This gives us a break for a while and allows us to spend time on our own matters.

Today quite a few parents have no time to contribute to their children’s values, such as respect, for example. Respect for oneself and for others. The violence in schools is symptomatic of the society we support. People aren’t born violent. You become violent. And if we can learn to be violent we can also learn to be peace-loving.

With the changing times we’ve become more impatient. We want immediate results; in relationships too, and if we don’t get them we push the process to where it should be. We’ve become selfish about our time and emotions, and respect for others is no longer important. We do whatever we like.

We’re all shocked when heart-breaking stories such as the recent ones about Anene Booysen and Ina Bonnette make the newspapers. We talk and express our concern but that doesn’t take us back to the origin of the problem. What we fail to admit is that we’re actually supporting that type of society by not making the time to pay attention to the important things.

Zelda la Grange

Zelda la Grange, private secretary to ex-president Nelson Mandela, will be blogging for YOU during the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign. Sheworks with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and does motivational talks. She is also active with projects such as Bikers for Mandela Day and Sisters with Blisters in her role as patron for the 1st for Women Insurance Trust.

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