Be prepared to be Sherified!

By admin
11 June 2013

Sherise Dreyer, YOU’s newest blogger, doesn’t let life get her down. Find out more about this bundle of energy and her world!

She’s known for being fashionable, fun, bubbly and quite simply, as she puts it, Sherified.

Sherise Dreyer (27), a bilingual writer, journalist, copywriter and translator, will welcome you to her world in her new blog on YOU’s website.

The blog, entitled Sherified, will give you a sneak peek into her life as she shares her experiences as a woman with Osteogenesis imperfecta – more commonly known as brittle bone disease.

“I take each day as it happens; fighting reality is denying the ability to change. I practise freedom of speech not violating the rights of others.”

Brittle bones ? a genetic disorder characterised by fragile bones that break easily ? is something Sherise describes as “the biggest blessing”.

“If it wasn’t for my disability I wouldn’t have had the privilege to experience life the way I have and have the advantage to experience raw human emotion when people encounter and engage with the minority of disabled people. On the other hand the journey hasn’t been the easiest; facing more physical challenges than the average human is not something I wish on anyone else.”

Her blog will soon be featured on YOU online, with regular contributions.

“There is nothing I can’t do, because any obstacle can be overcome; it’s just a matter of adjusting how you go about doing it.”

So let’s see how she does it . . . here’s a little sneak peek.

While you await her blog, see what Sherise has to offer on Twitter: @Sherimore

-Faiza Mallick

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