Be salon-savvy

By admin
05 June 2014

Get the best from your hairdresser – even when things go wrong.


Dima Tsobanopulos, owner of D&D Hair in Cape Town, advises:

1 Take along a selection of pictures of the style you’d like to show to the hairdresser.

2 Be realistic. Ask the stylist if the style is suitable for your hair.

3 Ask whether your new hairstyle will suit your face.

4 When you change colour find out how much it will cost, how often you’ll need to redo the colour and how long the colour will last.

5 Find out how to style and maintain your new look.


When a client is unhappy with her new style poor communication is usually the culprit, Tsobanopulos says. “Ideally your hairdresser will provide the professional advice needed to help you choose a new style, keeping factors such as face shape, hair texture and home care in mind.” If you’re dissatisfied with your cut call the salon. The stylist who’s been cutting your hair for years might have had an off day or the two of you didn’t communicate properly about what was required. Explain why the style didn’t work for you. A cut can often be rectified. If you’ve lost confidence in the stylist ask to speak to a senior stylist in the salon. You should have the problem sorted out at no extra charge.


  • Find a good stylist – a great haircut will last longer.
  • Use quality hairdryers, straightening irons and other tools.
  • A treatment such as a Brazilian blow-dry will take away frizz and reduce the time you spend on styling and the amount of money you spend on styling products. Beware of cheap imitations.


  • If you have highlights ask for touch-ups on your parting and along the hairline instead of having a full head of highlights each time.
  • Wash your hair beforehand. Most salons charge less but check first. Ask about specials.
  • Many salons have apprentice stylists who charge less; make sure the head stylist oversees the cut.

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