Bear caught on camera getting a ‘takeaway’

By admin
06 August 2013

A brave bear has been caught on camera grabbing a sneaky midnight snack from a restaurant in Colorado Springs in the US.

Early last Wednesday morning, the bear sauntered around the back of Edelweiss German restaurant, and helped itself to the leftover food from the night before that had been thrown into a dumpster.

Watch the video here:

And it enjoyed the meal so much it went back for more the next day!

"There's some fresh, really good food attracting the bear," restaurant manager Dieter Schnakenberg says.

"She passes up the recycling bin and goes right for the good stuff."

He hopes to deter the bear by chaining the bins to the fence, or locking the lid.

If it keeps coming back, wildlife officials will get involved to tag and relocate this enterprising bear.  But if it can’t change its dumpster-diving ways, officials say they’ll have to put it down.

-Kirstin Buick


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