Beauty: Make up your eyes correctly

By admin
24 October 2014

Let your eyes do the talking and turn heads wherever you go. Here’s a quick course in how to make up your eyes: Balanced eyes

Oe 1


  • Start all eye make up on a “clean canvas” – a neutral shade base from the eyelashes to the eyebrows is usually enough.
  • Use at least two shades of eye shadow; a medium shade on the whole eyelid and a darker shade in the fold and on the outer third of the lid gives depth.
  • Place your mascara brush against the base of the eyelashes and wiggle it through them to colour and separate them.
  • Apply darker and thicker eyeliner for the night. Brighten your eyes by applying a highlighting eye shadow beneath the eyebrow arch.
  • Don’t draw a heavy line around the eyelid. Apply a thin eyeliner right around the eye against the eyelashes and blot it. 
Sunken eyes

oe 2


  • Pay attention to the shape and appearance of your eyebrows. Soften them with a suitable eyebrow pencil.
  • Ensure eyebrows go outwards, never downwards. Classic eyebrows begin just above the inner corner of the eye and end just outside the outer corner.
  • Use light colours on your eyelids and a highlighting eye shadow just beneath the eyebrow.
  • Use medium or dark colours in the eye fold.
  • Bring the lid to the fore with a light shade of shadow and take the prominent bone back with a darker shadow just above the fold.
  • Blot your eyeliner for a softer, natural appearance and apply mascara to only your upper lashes.
  • Avoid glistening eye shadows.
  • Don’t use your eyeliner on the outer third of the eye. A fine to thick line on the outer two thirds gives the eye an almond shape.
Small eyes

Oe 3


  • Use two neutral shades. Use the lighter one as a base and brush the darker one on the upper part of the eyelid and into the fold of the lid to make eyes bigger.
  • To make your eyes stand out apply a highlighting eye shadow to the area beneath the eyebrows.
  • Bring out the best in your eyes with a light shadow applied to the whole eyelid.
  • Keep the inner corners light and apply darker shadow to the outer third of the lid and fold.
  • Use only medium colours in the eye fold.
  • Apply eye shadow to the outer corners of the eyes and shade a little against the lower lashes.
  • Use enough mascara. Apply it heavily to your upper lashes and lightly to the lower ones.


  • Your eyebrows shouldn’t overshadow your eyes. Pluck errant brows and brush eyebrows upward.
  • Don’t apply dark colours in the eyefolds.
  • Don’t use dark shades on your eyelids – it makes your eyes look smaller. Rather use only mat and light colours.
  • Don’t outline your eye with liner. Apply the liner only to the outer third top and bottom.

-          Compiled by Janine Nel


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