Beauty remake has a beast of an opening

By Almari Wessels
20 March 2017

The movie cost a whopping $160 million to make, but producers are likely laughing all the way to the bank after this record-breaking opening weekend.

It seems the massive marketing campaign behind the remake of Disney’s iconic Beauty and the Beast paid off – the live-action movie raked in an astounding $170 million in its opening weekend to become the biggest box office opening success so far this year.

The reboot – starring Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame as leading lady Belle – cost $160 million to make.


But producers are likely laughing all the way to the bank after it also broke the record for the film to have made the most money in a March opening weekend.

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According to reports, 26-year-old Emma is also set to take home a tidy sum if the movie is the hit it promises to be.

Hollywood Reporter claims the British actress could stand to make around $15 million if the movie makes $750 million globally.

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The classic fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast was first immortalised as an animation movie for the big screen in 1991 and the remake relays this timeless tale about an attractive prince who – when a witch turns him into an unsightly beast – learns the value of love and being loved.

In the new film Dan Stevens stars as the prince and Watson as his gorgeous love interest; Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen are other stalwarts that make up the impressive cast. Beauty and the Beast will be released on the South African circuit on 14 April.

Sources: Vulture, Rotten Tomatoes,, Hollywood Reporter

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