Become financially fit

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08 November 2013

Tips on how you can educate yourself financially.

Most women want to stand on their own legs financially – and to do this, they need whatever info they can lay their hands on. According to Kate Moodley, author of I Inc: Be the CEO of your Brand, women lack confidence to make their own financial decisions precisely because they lack knowledge. Here’s her guide to becoming financially fit.

  • Financial wellness tip #1 Buy with cash

Using credit and debit cards can contribute to overspending. Putting R500 on a card is psychologically less daunting than handing over five R100 notes. Buying with cash, you can only use what’s readily available and, unlike when using a credit card, you don’t have to pay interest. Paying with cash can save you up to 20 per cent and helps you keep track of the money in your wallet.

  • Financial wellness tip #2 Free online financial management tools.

There’s a range of accessible, free online financial planning and management tools to assist you in streamlining your finances. You may even find some of them fun to use! Take the time to search which works best for you and start managing and monitoring your online banking accounts.

  • Financial wellness tip #3 Get a money buddy

Find someone you can share your goals with to keep you accountable and on the right track. When you put yourself out there and acknowledge your goal to someone else, it helps you stick to your commitment.

  • Financial wellness tip #4 Invest in yourself

Invest in your health and career. Go back to school or take an online course and enrich your skills. This could result in future pay rises as your skills set will be more attractive to employers. Invest in getting healthy and losing weight too, whether by buying a gym membership, exercise equipment for home or stocking up with healthier foods. Investing in yourself shows your value and worth, which will in turn yield a happier and more balanced life.

  • Financial wellness tip#5 Ask Ask Ask! 

Women are less inclined to invest their money as they aren’t as informed as men about the options available to them. Ask your friends, work colleagues and family members where they’ve been successful with investments. Do your own research too, remember, knowledge is power.

Source: Kate Moodley, author of I Inc: Be the CEO of your Brand

By: Elna van der Merwe, Lifestyle rewriter & book editor Huisgenoot & YOU

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