Beefed-up Beasley

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10 December 2010

It’s a good thing Chris Beasley has a thick skin.

In the eight years he’s played Isidingo bad boyLen Cooper he’s often had loyal viewers give him a dressing-down for Len’s debauched behaviour.

But he’s getting a different kind of feedback from fans now, thanks to his newly buffed-up bod.

The muscled look is the result of two months of gruelling fitness training for his role in the local horror film Night Drive.

‘‘I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for years,’’ the former kung fu fanatic and stuntman says.

After landing the role of undercover cop Sean Darwin he realised he’d have to muscle up. ‘

‘It was clear the character needed to be in really great shape. He’s very physical,’’ Chris (39) says. The film opens countrywide in February.

‘‘It’s part horror, part thriller. You could call it an Afro-slasher thriller. It’s very gory. Halfway through the shoot we realised we’d used more than 38 litres of fake blood.’’

He had only two months to beef up before filming started and producers hired personal trainer Mark Pettit. They trained intensively six days a week, resting on Sundays.

‘‘It was exhausting,’’ Chris recalls. ‘‘There were some days when I was in such agony I could barely drive. I can laugh about it now but he totally punished me.’’

His training regime focused on diet and exercise. ‘‘What you eat and drink is most important. Your diet governs your chemical balance from within. If it’s not right you won’t be able to build muscle.’’

Chris recently celebrated his birthday with a few pals, including Isidingo co-stars Rowan and Kim Cloete (Johnny and Bianca) and his girlfriend of two years, designer and film editor Charis Baleson(29).

See more of the beefed-up Beasly in YOU, 16 December 2010.

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