Beggar with a difference

By admin
10 June 2013

Begging is a serious social issue these days but 98-year-old homeless Dobri Dobrev makes a difference every day by donating the money he begs for to churches.

Although he’s nearly a centenarian he allegedly still travels 25 km a day to beg on the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city.

Dobrev is familiar to Bulgarians but few know his begging isn’t for himself. It was only recently discovered the money he collects is donated to churches. Dobrev has donated more than 40 000 euros for repairs to Bulgarian churches and to pay the electricity accounts of orphanages.

He apparently lives on his monthly state pension of 80 euros and the kindness of others.

His inspiring story has become known internationally as bloggers have shared it worldwide on the internet and a video recently appeared on YouTube showing him praying in a temple he helped finance through donations.

- Janine Nel

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