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02 October 2014

We chatted to red-hot Cape Town outfit Beatenberg, the band behind the infectious hits Rafael and Pluto

The band

Robin Brink (24), drummer

Matthew Fields (25), guitarist and songwriter

Ross Dorkin (24), bass

Your debut album, The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg, is now out. What is your favourite song off it?

Rob: For me it keeps changing but I’ll say Ithaca because it feels like a musician’s song – I like the depth and the lyrics.

Matthew: Prince of the Hanging Gardens – it’s the last song I wrote and it has a bit of all the songs combined. It gives me a sense of achievement.

Ross: Also Ithaca. It’s a strong song and I enjoy playing it.


What song best describes you? 

Matthew: As a teen I’d have to say it was The Police’s Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. Now a song that would describe me for the rest of my life would have to be a song without words – an abstract song.

Rob: It would have to be The Messenger by Bheki Mseleku.

Ross: Bobby McFerrin’s Invocation.


What’s the strangest thing a fan has posted on your social media platforms? 

Matthew: This woman posted a picture of her baby son and told us she’d named him Beatenberg.

If you had to choose between a pizza, veggie burger or salad, which would it be?

Ross: A salad because it can consist of lots of different things and it’s fresh and flavourful.

Matthew and Rob: Salad as well.

Who’s your style icon?

Ross: Jack Nicholson

Matthew: Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street.

Rob: Andre 3000 and Kanye West.

What’s your No 1 style rule?

Rob: All black everything, because it always looks good.

Ross: You never go wrong with jeans and a white T-shirt.

Mathew: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

You’re still opening for 30 Seconds To Mars when they tour SA later this year? How do you feel about this amazing opportunity?

Ross: They’re an epic live act and knowing we’ll be performing on the same stage pushes us to up our game. We’re looking forward to learning a lot from them, to see how they inhabit the stage.

What kind of teens were you and what advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Ross: I was an intense teenager, a serious skater and even had dreadlocks. I’d probably say to not take stuff too seriously.

Matthew: I was self-conscious, ambitious, disorganised, very sensitive and self-absorbed. I don’t have any advice. I would just let myself figure it out.

Rob: I was a skater type. The advice I’d give myself would be, “Everything will work out for the best.”

Which local acts would you like to collab with?

Ross: DJ Black Coffee. We were fortunate enough to meet him recently and we have a lot of respect for him. Also OKMalumKoolKat.

Your ultimate celebrity crush? 

Rob: Scarlett Johansson

Matthew: Caroline Polachek

Ross: A young Helena Bonham Carter.

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