Behind the scenes with WeChatGuy

By Kirstin Buick
15 October 2013

It's like watching a (tongue-in-cheek) Shakespearean sonnet come to life – WeChatGuy and his puppies frolic in a flowery field and into our hearts.

WeChatGuy is the new poster boy and go-to guy for WeChat, the social messaging app that lets users send voice, video, photo and text messages to contacts. The best part of the campaign? You can add hunky WeChatGuy on WeChat, and he’ll help you out if you’re ever a bit lost!

Scroll down for some behind-the-scenes snaps of WeChatGuy and his furry friends.

WeChatGuy stares the camera down

Close to perfection, Maps needs nothing but a little touch up

Selfie! WeChatGuy couldn’t resist

Not even a lamb can escape WeChatGuy”s friendship

 To get WeChat (and chat with WeChatGuy) click here.

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