Being snappy happy at the voting station could land your "selfie" in jail

By Shanaaz Prince
20 March 2014

Popular among celebs, and well all people in general, "selfies" are taking over the world. However, the IEC have spoken out against the trend and are forbidding any selfies to be taken while voting.

Finding its place in the dictionary, on almost every Twitter feed or Facebook timeline, selfies have taken the world by storm.

From celebrities taking a selfie at this year' Academy Awards to it trending across the world, selfies have become the new phenomenon in almost all walks of life, all except one. According to a report on News24, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) have spoken out against the trend and said voters would be forbidden to take any selfies while voting on 7 May this year. The IEC retweeted a tweet telling first time voters to take note "no cameras/selfies (are) allowed @IECSouthAfrica voting stations", and that it should rather be done outside the voting station while waiting your turn to vote.

The IEC retweeted a tweet telling first-time voters 'no cameras/selfies (are) allowed @IECSouthAfrica voting stations'

The report stated that this was in line with section 38 (1A) of the Electoral Act 73 of 1998 stating that: "No person may make a photographic or any other form of image of a ballot which has been marked by a voter on election day or on a day on which special votes are casted."

So unless you want to be potentially taking a selfie from a jail cell – as breaching this law could result either in paying a fine or facing a period of imprisonment not exceeding one year – rather keep the selfies for another occasion.

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