Believe it! Morgan Freeman portrait painted on an iPad

By admin
23 December 2013

Photograph or art? If you can’t believe artist Kyle Lambert used his finger on an iPad to create this picture of Morgan Freeman, you should watch the video.


It's hard to believe this lifelike image of veteran actor Morgan Freeman was painted on an iPad with just someone's finger yet here it is in all its glory.

Artist Kyle Lambert created the remarkable image using an app called Procreate. The 26-year-old British freelance artist used 285 000 finger strokes to make the artwork, which took about 200 hours to complete.

On his website he explains he started with a clean screen and first roughly drew Morgan’s most familiar features. Then he reduced the digital brush to just a few pixels and zoomed in to draw the finer details.

The whole process was recorded by the application and a quick version of it can be shown on the video in three minutes.

The original photograph was taken by Scott Gries.

Watch the video here:

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