Benji and Joel Madden's new band is a family affair

Benji and Joel Madden are in a “family band”.

The brothers released their single We Are Done in May of this year from their album Greetings From California, which was released this week. They are keen to hit the road soon and plan to bring the family along. "It's a family band, man. It's all inclusive," Joel said in an interview with E! News. "Our house is a musical household and we're a musical family." Joel’s wife Nicole Richie previously told E! News she would be joining Benji and Joel on the road as they promote Greetings From California. Benji says he and girlfriend Cameron Diaz, who he began dating this year and reportedly took to his hometown in August, have not talked about her joining them on tour yet.

‘It's a family band, man. It's all inclusive.’

“I’m the same as my brother, anything it takes to make it work,” Benji said in response to whether or not the actress will come on the road.

The 35-year-old rocker and his twin founded Good Charlotte in 1996 and have ventured into a new realm with their project The Madden Brothers.

Joel describes the latest addition to their musical portfolios as a “California record” and a “departure” from what the pair did as members of Good Charlotte.

"I think we kind of grew up with everyone," Joel explained to E! News. "Now we're in our 30's and growing as musicians and songwriters and people. It's bound to change.

"This is where we're at. It's a true representation of us as artists and music fans and just where we're at."

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