Bertha le Roux: nearly a goner

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30 March 2012

She thought it was a heart attack the day she was struck down at home by searing pain. At first it was only in her stomach but soon it had spread to her chest and shoulder blades. Bertha le Roux thought she was dying.

Three days earlier she’d been discharged from hospital after a gall bladder operation. The doctors were happy with her progress and she was allowed to go home the day after surgery.

Her husband, Karel Wahl, was at work and their daughters, Kiana (5) and Brioné (20 months), were at nursery school.

Panic-stricken she called Karel at work. When the ambulance arrived he and her mom, Griet, were at her side and could only watch as Bertha writhed in agony.

She was admitted to hospital and only then did doctors find the cause of the pain: it was bile leaking into her stomach after her operation.

The actress was back in surgery and had to spend another 15 days in hospital.

YOU’s Loren Pienaar spoke to Bertha about her ordeal. Read more in YOU 5 April 2012.

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