Bertie the South African mountain tortoise breaks world record

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11 September 2015

A South African tortoise has just shattered a world record.

Bertie, the mountain tortoise from South Africa, recently made it into the record books as the fastest tortoise in the world.

With a speed of just under 1 km/h Bertie made it into the Guinness Book of Records.

'Bertie is now living in a luxurious camp with his girlfriend'

He covered 100 m in a record time of six minutes, shattering the previous record held by Charlie, a tortoise from Yorkshire in England. Charlie had held the record since 1977.

Experts say the Usain Bolt of the tortoise world can race along at twice the speed of an ordinary tortoise. Bertie set the new record in Adventure Valley, Durham, England, last year.

Bertie’s owner, Marco Calzini, told SkyNews, “Bertie is now living in a luxurious camp with his girlfriend, Shelly.”

The certificate acknowledging Bertie’s record is proudly displayed on a wall at Marco’s house.

Marco says Bertie is so fast thanks to an energy rich diet that includes strawberries.

Sources: SkyNews; BBC

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