Better luck as a blonde

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22 September 2010

She’s the surprise in the Idols line-up. Unpredictable, playful and undoubtedly packing the X factor.

Sindi Nene doesn’t look a day older than 16 although the little-girl image can be misleading. For one thing her voice is almost bigger than she is – and when she hits her stride on the Idols stage her fans can’t get enough.

She was born for the stage, the 22-year-old singer says, brushing her fringe from her eyes.

“I’ve always wanted to be on TV,” she says with a laugh, revealing that it’s not the first time she’s entered Idols.

“When I was about 16 I entered but was so tense I never even made the elimination rounds.”

It was a different story this year and here she is, one of the favourites to win.

The blonde wig is one thing that makes Sindi unforgettable. During her first audition she almost appeared with a half-plaited hairstyle, the Durbanite says.

“I was terribly busy and didn’t have the time to plait my hair. Then I saw the wig in a shop and thought, ‘Why not?’”

She wore the long blonde wig to her first audition. And when she pitched up for the second one without the wig the judges sent her home to fetch it. After all, you don’t change a winning formula.

She says it’s not easy changing her appearance every week as well as giving a scintillating performance.

“I don’t just have to entertain the people. I have to entertain them to make them vote for me,” says the singer who’s also a keen bass guitarist. She’s studying jazz and popular music at Howard College at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban.

Nothing’s going to stop Sindi making her dreams come true. She and a few friends recently started the jazz group Heels Over Head and they perform in Durban.

“I play mainly bass guitar and help as a backing singer but I actually last sang four years ago at school.

“I give my best in every performance. If this is to be my last time on stage people must remember it.”

Find out more about Sindi in YOU, 30 September 2010.

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