Beyoncé gets romantic

Beyoncé sure makes a breathtaking bride! The sexy singer dons lacy lingerie as well as an awesome wedding gown in the video for her latest single, Best Thing I Never Had.

The storyline follows B as she gets ready on her big day while reminiscing about an ex-boyfriend who let her get away.

This is probably the closest her fans will ever get to seeing the pop star as a bride. B’s real-life wedding to hip-hop mogul Jay-Z in 2008 at their apartment in New York was shrouded in secrecy and no pictures have ever been released.

The couple have also never spoken about or confirmed the nuptials which were reportedly attended only by close family and friends.

Meanwhile it seems the Grammy winner finally has babies on her mind. Speaking to US chat show host Piers Morgan last month the renowned workaholic said, “I always said I was going to have a baby at 30. I’m 29 now.”

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