Beyoncé 'still not ready to talk about Met Ball fight'

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28 September 2015

Beyoncé is still terrified someone will ask her about the fight between her husband and sister, according to sources.

Footage of Solange Knowles lashing out at Jay Z in an elevator after 2014's Met Ball has gone down in showbiz history, but the family have never spoken about why the attack happened.

And 34-year-old Beyoncé reportedly has no plans to break her silence.

'She's terrified of being asked about it'

"Beyoncé has refused to do a big on-the-record chat since her sister Solange attacked Jay Z in a fight after the Met Ball. For her, it marked a turning point, where she was no longer in control of her image. She's terrified of being asked about it, and her silence only adds to speculation about what she's attempting to hide," an insider told Britain's Grazia magazine.

Since the fight video leaked, speculation about their marriage has dogged Beyoncé and 45-year-old Jay. They've managed to keep a united front though and were recently snapped on an idyllic holiday in Italy with their three-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. However not everyone is convinced their relationship is as strong as it once was.

"Even behind closed doors, there are few people who Beyoncé confides in about her marriage. She has trust issues, which can mean she shuts down at times. Then in public she's keen to show everything is fine with jay. The pictures in Italy were an attempt to show it's all blue skies but, in truth, a storm has been brewing for years," the insider continued.

"Beyoncé's habit of following a scandal with a photo opportunity is becoming more and more transparent. In some ways it would be easier for her to admit that she's human and not every part of her life is perfect. At times it feels as if the only person she's fooling is herself."

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