Beyoncé's family fear for star

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24 November 2014

Beyoncé Knowles has reportedly reached "tipping point" over rumours surrounding her marriage.

The 33-year-old singer and husband Jay Z have been plagued by gossip that he has been unfaithful, despite impressing on their joint On the Run Tour earlier this year. To add to her troubles Beyoncé has been accused on numerous occasions of Photoshopping her photos to make herself look trimmer, with fans pointing out her small waist and thighs. Having moved back to the US following a stay in Paris after their shows wrapped, the couple are said to be trying to move forward, but it isn't easy.

‘Beyoncé never used to take knock backs as failures, she just kept going, but it's reached tipping point’

"Beyoncé never used to take knock backs as failures, she just kept going, but it's reached tipping point. Work is usually her escape but, now the tour is over, she's back to her usual routine in New York, and he is no longer by her side every day. She's suddenly got time on her hands," an insider told British magazine Closer.

Claims Jay had cheated arose earlier this year and gained even more attention when Beyoncé's sister Solange lashed out at her brother-in-law in an elevator - which was caught on camera. Those close to the songstress are said to be worried about a supposed change in personality and some odd behaviour she's exhibited.

"The cheating rumours destroyed Beyoncé. They've made her feel insecure and question everything about herself, including her looks. Friends and family are concerned she could be on the verge of a breakdown," the source divulged. "Aside from the worrying video footage [when Solange attacked Jay], her behaviour has become slightly odd. She keeps changing her hair and outfits - she's bought a dozen new wigs in the last few months. She's reading lots of self-help books and is seeking out a therapist."

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