Billion-dollar bimbo brain

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11 March 2011

Bimbo! That’s what she’s often been called because she’s blonde, chews gum, says stupid things and is always going shopping. But it turns out Jessica Simpson isn’t nearly as dumb as she looks.

On top of being a successful singer, TV personality and aspiring actress she can now add the title of fashion mogul to her list of achievements.

The clothing label she launched in 2007 has grown into a full-scale empire and is expected to rake in $1 billion (R7,3 bn) this year, making her the first celebrity to achieve such a staggering sum in the world of fashion.

That puts her in the same league as designers Michael KorsRalph LaurenCalvin KleinVera Wang and Donna Karan.

Even Jessica is dumbfounded by how her branded items, which include shoes, handbags, coats, clothing and perfume, have been flying off the shelves at popular American chain stores.

“I never expected this,” she says.

So what is the secret to her accidental success? It seems all the time she’s spent hanging out in shopping malls has paid off. In a nutshell the 30-year-old knows what ordinary women want.

Adding to its success is the fact the Jessica Simpson Collection caters for all shapes and sizes – and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Her business manager, David Levin, explains:

“A girl could go to the mall with her mother and she’d have a great new outfit and still have some money left for lunch at McDonald’s. She can look like Jessica Simpson, smell like Jessica Simpson and she can afford it.”

Unlike other celebrities who just lend their names to lines, Jessica is hands-on. Nothing is added to the collection without her nod of approval. “She makes all major decisions,” an insider says. “She’s a sharp businesswoman.”

She’s also at last found contentment in her personal life. While her younger sister, Ashlee, is embroiled in a painful divorce from rocker Pete Wentz, Jessica is gearing up to give marriage a second go.

She became engaged to former American footballer Eric Johnson (31) late last year after dating for just six months.

Jessica says Eric, a vegan and Yale graduate, has helped her to find balance in her life. She’s also impressed by how knowledgeable he is.

“He has so many books,” she says. “Like just books and books and books and books.” It’s comments like this that have her critics rolling their eyes.

“I’m definitely ditsy,” she admits. But she draws the line at being called dumb. “Dumb is not knowing, ditsy is having the courage to ask,” Jessica explains.

Read more about Jessica's success in YOU, 17 March 2011.

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