Birds of prey keep pigeons away

By admin
01 October 2013

A few weeks ago the City of Cape Town brought in bird experts to help scare away pigeons and doves from Cape Town Stadium using natural methods.

The experts decided on using birds of prey to ensure feral pigeons don’t land at the bowl-like structure for an easy meal.

Pigeons have been gobbling around 70 per cent of the perennial rye seed that’s planted after events to maintain the stadium’s pitch. As a result the seeds don’t have time to germinate and thousands of rands are lost on replacing stock.

The predator birds come from the Eagle Encounters rehabilitation centre on Spier wine estate in Stellenbosch, about 50 km from central Cape Town and the stadium in Green Point. They are Scarlet, a Peregrine falcon;  Speedy, a Lanner falcon; and Buddy. Two female Harris hawks, named Thelma and Louise, also lend a helping talon sometimes.

The birds aren’t there to kill the pigeons and doves but to help balance out natural behaviour by creating stronger predator territories.


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