By admin
22 November 2013

You might have noticed a sudden flood of animated characters in your Facebook feed. That would be Bitstrips, folks. This so-hot-right-now app allows you to turn yourself and friends you have on Facebook into cartoon characters that you can share via social media.

The caricatures have been a huge hit. You can describe various scenarios or share how you’re feeling by creating illustrated status updates like these:

Or situational comics with friends can be created.

But the fun visual means of communicating has left some quite annoyed with the craze. Especially if that one friend who just discovered has gone on a bitstrip overload . . .

Here’s how you can remove bitstrip invitations from friends:

  • Go to “Account Settings” on the upper right hand corner of your Facebook page
  • Under the dropdown menu select “Privacy Settings”
  • Then, on the left-hand side select “Blocking”
  • Scroll all the way down to “Block apps” and type in Bitstrips. As you type, the app will show up. Easy as that.

Here’s how you can remove bitstrips from your Facebook newsfeed:

  • When someone posts their bitstrips cartoon, simply click on the arrow on the upper right hand corner of the image, when the arrow drops down, select “Hide all from bitstrips”. Voila!

-Faiza Mallick

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