Bizarre name-change plan possible for Sharapova

By admin
21 August 2013

Tennis star Maria Sharapova wants to change her name to that of her line of high-end sweets, Sugarpova, as part of a publicity campaign.


TEXT: Tennis star Maria Sharapova seems to be well on the way to changing her name ? temporarily ? as part of a publicity campaign for her year-old line of high-end sweets, with a swop from Sharapova to Sugarpova a growing possibility.

London media reported the world number three, managed by IMG, has petitioned the Florida Supreme Court for the right to call herself Sugarpova ? the name of her sweets ? for the duration of the US Open, starting next Monday.

Sharapova has reportedly invested $500 000 (R5 million) in her start-up company last year, with the candy line taking off through sales at high-end outlets such as department stores and boutiques.

Even if she’s legally allowed to change her name in the interests of free publicity and notoriety, the Open would still have to use its discretion about what to call her on official documents, match announcements and so forth.

Up to 1,8 million bags of the luxury candy are estimated to have been sold since launching a year ago.

Under the marketing proposal, Sharapova would then change her name back when her run in New York is done. She’d wear the company logo, comprising a pair of kissing red lips, on her match clothing at the event she won in 2006.

While sweets are the only product line so far, the entrepreneurial Russian is hoping to expand her brand to include cosmetics and fashion.


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