Blake Lively baking her Valentine's present

By admin
14 February 2014

Blake Lively is going to bake for Ryan Reynolds on Valentine's Day, and they they're planning to catch the movie 'True Romance' at their local cinema.

She’s a gorgeous, a superstar actress, fabulously rich – and she bakes too? Blake Lively is going to bake for Ryan Reynolds on Valentine's Day.

The Savages actress and model is planning to put her skills in the kitchen to the test for her husband later today, but isn't sure which recipe she's going to follow just yet.

She told Extra TV in the US: "I don't know what I'm going to bake yet, but something good.

"I also saw this neat thing down the street for Valentine's Day. They were playing [violent movie] True Romance. I was like, 'That's kind of a dark Valentine's Day, but whatever works.' "

Ryan (37), has previously shown his romantic side, saying he struggles to find the right words to express his love for Blake (26).

He said: "If you ask me to describe my relationship, I mean - words are too clumsy to accurately describe how I feel in that regard, particularly in an interview. It's a strange thing.

"I understand the climate we live in and why people are curious. But it's just tough and almost emotionally violent - for anyone, I think - to see your personal life summed up in a sentence."

- Bang Showbiz

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