Blake Lively: Criticise me!

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11 May 2015

Blake Lively wants people to tell her if she hasn't done her best.

The 27-year-old actress has been in the business for almost two decades, having started her career with a role in 1998 flick Sandman.

She's now one of the hottest film stars on the planet, but that doesn't stop her from having a critical outlook on her performances.

'What gives me confidence are the people around me who I trust'

"What gives me confidence are the people around me who I trust, because they will tell me if I've done my best or not," she explained to British magazine Look. "I always want to challenge and stimulate myself. [Sometimes] I'll see one of my movies and think: 'I was really terrible in that,' because I pushed myself to do something that I actually couldn't do. And then I'll see other movies and I'll say: 'Wow, I really managed to pull that off and I'm so proud, because that was a stretch for me.'"

Blake is also a mother, having welcomed her daughter James with her husband Ryan Reynolds in December. Both have spoken at length about how parenthood has changed their lives and the blonde beauty can't stop herself from gushing about how happy she is with how things are going.

"I come from a very close family, and family was always the most important thing in our lives. I always joke that I'm going to have to pay for a lot of therapy later, because I always tell my nieces and nephews that I'm their real birth mother and that I just loaned them to their mom," she laughed.

While Blake doesn't have any plans for her daughter's future, one thing she would like is for James to cook with her when she gets older.

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